Table Talk Tuesdays…Beautiful Battle by Mary DeMuth

(A Message based on Mary DeMuth’s book, Beautiful Battle: A Woman’s Guide to Spiritual Warfare)

“…our raw woundedness is the primary opening the enemy uses to attack our souls. Our own bent toward filling the gaping hole will continue to lead us to darker and more insidious situations as we claw at significance. Obsessions form. Hiding becomes our way of life. Addictions flourish. If we do not deal with our deficits truthfully in the light, Satan’s darkness may be our lot. And in that darkness, we start believing his terrible lies…”

Mary DeMuth, Beautiful Battle

Table Talk: The search for significance and meaning in life is often sought through various veins. Veins which equate to the sum total of vanity. Many times, a woman may tend to self-medicate by injecting personal poisons into her life, in hopes that they will satisfy her. The truth of the matter is that toxic patterns, relationships, and habits are simply unhealthy and lead only to dis-ease as it relates to spiritual wellness. But God…He would have us know that He alone fully satisfies. He fills the open spaces in our lives and heals the broken places that need mending.

Reflections: The LORD God is the definition of perfect completion. Every part of His being speaks to that which is needy within us. His essence, His personality, His attributes, His names, His nature – they all answer every question, fill every need, and satisfy every longing in our hearts, souls, and minds,

Table Talk Discussion Question: Have you been able to find true satisfaction outside of God? Discuss.

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