Can’t Be Contained

A Simple Life Post on Living Joyfully

“And he jumped, stood and walked and entered with them into The Temple as he was walking and jumping and praising God.”

Acts 3:8

There is a state of mind, a place of untutored emotion, where the woman who lives joyfully exists, being fully present before the LORD. It is a place where her heartfelt love for God is both expressed and experienced with full-out pleasure and delight. A place where praise is not contained. Not confined. Not controlled. It is raw. It is real. And it is passionately displayed – mind, body, and soul.

Acts 3:8 tells the story of a lame man who had lived a life of dependency, suffering, and weakness since his mother’s womb. After having to go through life being carried along, he was soon raised to walk in a transformed state, being transported from a place of familiar despair to a place of extreme joy. A simple meeting, destined to purposely happen, impacted him – his life – in such a way that he would never be the same. He would be joyfully new, and in so being, he would be unable to contain his praise for the LORD. With rawness, realness, and passion, he would celebrate and express his gratitude for the gift of deliverance.

The lame man had an encounter. Not just any encounter, but an encounter meant to change his downcast existence into a joy-filled life of celebration. Outside of the gate called Beautiful, he met two servants of God who shared the name of Christ. The Bible says that when he began to give these men his attention, they said the name of  Jesus and gave a command – “WALK.” Thereafter, a miraculous act was acknowledged – the lame man was raised up onto his feet and his ankles were strengthened. Immediately, he stood upright, beginning to walk and leap and praise. In fact, Scriptures say that he demonstrated these acts of joy right into the temple where all the people could see.

As women, we, much like the lame man, have experienced our share of dependency, suffering, and weakness. We have dealt with despair and hopelessness. But when the name of Jesus is uttered and His Word is shared, being spoken over and into our lives, we too can be raised up. We can be lifted up. We can be strengthened. Hopeful and hope-filled. Influenced to stand upright and walk. We can go forward, leaping and praising and moving. Living transparently before all with nothing but praise in our mouths. We can proceed with hearts wide open, with a joy that cannot be contained. We can express our gratitude for the blessed gift of our deliverance.

Challenge: Memorize Psalm 34:1-3.

Joyful Fitness Exercise: Over the next week, make it a point to recite these verses out loud. Speak them (as if) into the ear of God. Journal what the experience reveals to you about how God manifests Himself in your life.


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