Table Talk Tuesdays…Beautiful Battle by Mary DeMuth

(A Message based on Mary DeMuth’s book, Beautiful Battle: A Woman’s Guide to Spiritual Warfare)

“Yet when Jesus calls us, He calls us to leap off precipices of complacency. He calls us to a life of almost daily risk. His call to this holy habit is radical and excruciating.”

Mary DeMuth, Beautiful Battle

Table Talk: Doing the impossible. Living the extraordinary. Believing the unbelievable. This is the life the Christian has been called to live. It involves faith, hope, and trust. Each of these require dependency on God. It is through Christ and the work of His Holy Spirit that those who follow the way of the Savior can move beyond the realm of the natural and soar toward the infinite bounds of the supernatural. The LORD would have us know that He is not a God of the mediocre to be limited by man’s thinking, but rather He is a God of the magnificent whose ways are higher and thoughts are grander.

Reflections: God is. Doesn’t that say it all? He is higher, greater, and bigger than we can imagine. He is not limited by our thoughts. He is able to transform self-limiting souls into radical believers who are able to take great leaps of faith without hesitation.

Table Talk Discussion Question: Do you limit God by your way of thinking?

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