One In A Million…Seeing Clearly

A Phone Tree Bible Study Series 

One in a Million: Journey to Your Promised Land by Priscilla Shirer

Week 4 in Summary:

Intimacy with God is a gift and a treasure. It is to be valued. To be treated as the blessing that it is. Intimacy is a most precious expression of worship and a great demonstration of love.

Week 4 Quotes from Priscilla – Seeing Him at Sinai:

– “God’s purpose is to develop passionate hearts that beat for Him.” (p. 81)

– “Your wilderness experience is to bring you to remember what Christ did for you, acknowledge what He currently is doing, and recommit to personal intimacy with Him.” (p.84)

– “The place that seems distant from your desired destination provides fertile soil for God to reveal Himself to you.” (p. 87)

– “…closeness between us and the Father is impossible without the divine intervention called grace.” (p.89)

– “Sinai experiences…refocus our attention on God. They cause us to desire Him more…” (p. 90)

– “The more clearly God comes into view, the more fully humbled and in awe of Him you should grow. Fearing God appropriately will foster a beautiful, vibrant relationship between your heart and His and that is what this journey is all about.” (p.101)

A Phone Tree Q4U: When was the last time you were “stirred” into having a fresh passion for the LORD?


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