Table Talk Tuesdays…{W}hole by Lisa Whittle

(A Message based on Lisa Whittle’s book, Whole: An Honest Look at the Holes in Your Life – and How to Let God Fill Them )

“In the process of recognizing our holes and making the choice to become whole in every area of lack, I believe we will discover our whole story. The whole story – the story of wholeness, whereby Jesus fills the voids within that are left in the aftermath of life experiences.”

Lisa Whittle, {W}hole

Table Talk: Looking into the areas of deficiency in our lives – the gaps, holes, and pits of our existence – can be a strangely daunting task. At the same time, “looking” is an act that can lead to healing and liberation. If we open ourselves up to the eyes of God by way of Jesus Christ, He can help us to fully appreciate what wholeness in the LORD is all about.

Reflections: When we look at ourselves, we must be willing to see through the eyes of Christ. In doing so, our vision and focus will be clear, and we will see our gaps, holes, and pits in such a way that love triumphs and hope reigns.

Table Talk Discussion Question: When you look at yourself and your life, do you see what is lacking or what is possible through Jesus Christ?

To learn more about {W}hole or about Lisa Whittle, go to Lisa


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