Table Talk Tuesdays…{W}hole by Lisa Whittle

(A Message based on Lisa Whittle’s book, Whole: An Honest Look at the Holes in Your Life – and How to Let God Fill Them )

 “To us He says, Stop convincing yourself you are not in need of more of Me. Realize your need for Me to invade your spiritual space – to fill your religious holes and produce something radical and real. In all of these things, it is the beauty of Jesus – the One who ‘heals the broken-hearted and binds up their wounds’ (Psalm 147:3, NIV) – that breathes into the empty holes of shallow, religion-bound believers, filling us up with Him.”

Lisa Whittle, {W}hole

Table Talk: Oftentimes, people lose sight of the LORD even in their intent to look for Him. They get consumed by religion and what they think constitutes a spiritually upright, religion-practicing, led-by-the spirit Christianity. In doing this, they may fail to follow after the Truth – Jesus Christ. Without Christ in the picture, religion is vain. Purity in religion and in the spiritual life of the Christian can exist, but it must start and end, be rooted and grounded, and have its foundation on and in the One who fills each life to the fullest with His very being.

Reflections: When we venture outside of Christ, we step into holes. When we blur the lines between Christ’s righteousness and the righteousness of the world, we step into holes. But when we committedly and willingly follow after the Word of God, choosing Christ over the world’s view of religion and even over our own view of religion, those once-upon-a-time-holes can be eternally closed, filled by the LORD God Himself.

Table Talk Discussion Question: When was the last time you looked at your religion or yourself in totality to see if any holes existed?

To learn more about {W}hole or about Lisa Whittle, go to Lisa


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