119 It!

A Phone Tree Spiritual Fitness Challenge

For the next 22 days (Friday, April 13, 2012 through Friday, May 4, 2012), consider joining me for The Psalm 119 Spiritual Fitness Challenge. Each day, make a commitment to read one stanza from this rich, meaningful psalm. After you have read each stanza, make note of what you have learned about as it pertains to living a more spiritual life.

Look for encouraging Spiritual Fitness Challenge (SFC) posts from me throughout this time frame. I will be sharing my personal take on the ABCs of living more spiritually and being fit for fruitful living. Please feel free to share your thoughts as well.

Psalm 119 Challenge Reading Schedule:

Aleph (1-8) – April 13

Beth (9-16) – April 14

Gimel (17-24) – April 15

Daleth (25-32) – April 16

He (33-40) – April 17

Vav (41-48) – April 18

Zayin (49-56) – April 19

Heth (57-64) – April 20

Teth (65-72) – April 21

Yodh (73-80) – April 22

Kaph (81-88) – April 23

Lamedh (89-96) – April 24

Mem (97-104) – April 25

Nun (105-112) – April 26

Samekh (113-120) – April 27

Ayin (121-128) – April 28

Pe (129-136) – April 29

Tsadhe (137-144) – April 30

Qoph (145-152) – May 1

Resh (153-160) – May 2

Shin (161-168) – May 3

Tav (169-176) – May 4

Background Information on 119: Psalm 119 is divided into 22 sections according to the Hebrew alphabet. This psalm is the longest chapter in the Bible. It is said to express the meditations and prayers of one who finds pleasure in the LORD and who desires to live according to His Word.

Reach(ing) 2012…Upward, Inward, and Outward

Look for The Psalm 119 Spiritual Fitness Challenge quick link over on the right hand side of this page, under the category section, for future returns to this 119 It! post.


6 thoughts on “119 It!

  1. Ps119:18, 20, 24 I praise God for being so willing to show us the treasures found in His glorious Word. I am profoundly humbled by so great a love. That He would hold nothing back of Himself, of His way…the way to His heart, the way home. Amen!

  2. (3-8) Those who trust in God are not workers of wrong doing… they fret not , they let go and let God..In keeping Gods precepts we walk in the hope and the calling of Jesus as our example for life in well pleasing and well doing…keeping Christ statues having Obediance knowing it is greater for one to love God and keeping his commandments than to turn away from that which is
    righteous, Loving him before Men ,Praising God even when we don”t understand, knowing his will is much greater than what we can perceive that its for our good when he corrects us….Staying on the path with God… being a doer of his word walking and living in the light of Christ,God have mercy on me for my short comings.

    • “Praising God even when we don’t understand, knowing His will is greater…”

      I love this! It’ s such a powerful lesson on trust. But it also speaks to surrendering to the One who is highest and greatest. Amen!

  3. Well the truth of verse one for me….Gods word and promise by doing well in keeping his will and commandments for our lives in order, and his blessings are upon us through our righteousness…

    (2) For my understanding….Love God with everything,before anything and anyone…Loving God through the before’s and after”s…Life”s tests of faith , Will we (Stay with God) through hard times, Simply Trust Him….

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