Unexpected Idols and Other Little “G” gods

“…casual idolatry is lethal.”Psalm 119:118 (MSG)

The road to apostasy is treacherous and deadly, filled with lethal comforts and poisonous pleasures. Each step along the path leads further and further away from God. Straight trails with winding turns take the innocent and well-meaning, as well as the willfully rebellious and lure them deeper into a place where hope becomes a distant dream and salvation a questionable illusion.

For those who lose their way along the road, unexpected idols and other little “G” gods lay in wait, each having been strategically placed by the evil one. The sole purpose of each is to tear the ill-prepared child of God away from the heart of the One who loves her best. But what are the unexpected idols that snare the would-be fallen? What little “G” gods become casual infernos of sin?

Spiritual Fitness Challenge:

1) Define the word idol. (Consider doing a word study in both the Hebrew and Greek languages.)

2) Read the following Scripture verses and identify whether the concept of idolatry can be linked in any way to the verses. (Remember to be Scripturally sound and consistent with what the Word of God says only.)

Exodus 20:3-5

Acts 17:29

Matthew 10:37-38

Colossians 3:5

1 John 5:21

1 Corinthians 10:14

3) Take note of the key message that connects all of the verses.

Phone Tree Q4U: As a result of this challenge, are you better able to identify some of your unexpected idols or little “G”gods?


Idolatry is a very real and very constant threat that has the potential to lead to apostasy if left unchecked. Ask God to open your eyes so that you might be able to clearly see those people or things that are serving as idols or gods in your life. Prayerfully, surrender each one, so that you might be free to worship the One and Only God.


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