The Puzzle Within

“With your very own hands you formed me…put me together again with your Word. Psalm 119

Who are you?

What do you know about yourself?

What does your identity say about who you are in Christ?

Self – a mystery unsolved without the ready answers of the Holy One.

The question of identity for most is a never-ending challenge. Two steps from the watery grave and yet many Christians still struggle with knowing who they really are in Jesus Christ the LORD. They battle between who they were and who they have been determined to be. One definition of self, associated with the old, says, “I am a sinner, without grace and unworthy of acceptance.” The other definition in the new says, “I am saved, an adopted child of the Most High God. His beloved.”

The meaning of self and the identity that we each have been given by our Creator is fulfilled in Christ. He is everything we hope to be and by God’s grace can be. He is the perfect answer to our oldness of self and our newness of life. He is the complete solution to the puzzle within.

 Once we each figure out that the LORD alone forms us, defines us, and transforms us, we can begin to see the life He promised us.

Spiritual Fitness Challenge:

1) Read Psalm 139.

2) Review Matthew Henry’s Commentary on this psalm. (You are also encouraged to refer to other resources as needed.)

3) After reading your selected commentaries, write down all of the things that you learned about God and about who you are in Him.

Phone Tree Q4U: Where do you stand where your life in the LORD is concerned? Do you know who you are in Him? Are you more assured of your identity in the LORD in your present life season?


The puzzle within each one of us can only be solved at the hand of the One who formed us. As He knows us best, it is vital that we go to Him in order to gain understanding. In His Word, we are able to discover not only who He is, but we may also find out from whence we came, who we are in totality, and where we are going as it relates to eternity.


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