ESTHER…Your Queen-to-Be

A Phone Tree Bible Study Series

Esther: It’s Tough Being a Woman by Beth Moore

Week 3 in Summary: A Contest for a Queen (Week 2 in book)

In week 2, Beth makes us aware that Vashti is out and, “the girl who pleases the king,” is in. We learn that Xerxes is in need of a wife…not a concubine, that a kingdomwide search/beauty contest is in play to determine the next queen, and that Esther (Hadassah) has won favor. We also get to see the role of Mordecai come to life in a significant way.

Week 2 Quotes from Beth – A Contest for a Queen:

– “Sometimes that which ignites us with indignation burns a hole through the wall to a revelation.”

– “Never underestimate the impact of God-driven, Scripture-quickened people skills even in the most uncomfortable human encounters.”

– “God used Esther’s anonymity – but only as a means toward a far-from-anonymous end.”

– “Sometimes providence can be defined as times when God trumps your perfectly good plan with one of His own…then seems to disappear from it.”

– “It’s tough being a woman in a world where beauty is a treatment.”

Discussion Question: What feelings or thoughts do you think Esther may have experienced when she was taken from the world she knew into a world that she was rather unexpectedly called to embrace?


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