June – July 2012…Another Level

Upcoming Events… June – July 2012

Bible Study ~ Book Reviews ~ Spiritual Fitness Challenge ~ A Phone Tree Gift-Away Opportunity

The Phone Tree Bible Study Group’s 2012 Summer Challenge:

Gaining Wisdom – 8 weeks in the Proverbs 

Join The Phone Tree Bible Study Group this summer as we endeavor to gain godly wisdom on another level through an intensive bible study on the Proverbs. Throughout June and July, special blog posts will be dedicated to practical life lessons on wisdom as part of the Route 66 series.

Table Talk Tuesdays…

In June, The Phone Tree will feature Francis Chan’s book, Crazy Love. Join us as we expound on what it means to be overwhelmed by a relentless God.

To learn more about this book, go to Amazon.com.

In July, The Phone Tree will venture into the thoughts of Paulo Coelho and take a look at his inspirational fiction novel, Warrior of the Light.

To learn more about this book, go to Amazon.com.

The Phone Tree will continue its special Bible study series on Beth Moore’s book, Esther: It’s Tough Being a Woman. Lessons are posted each Sunday. Feel free to follow and let us know your thoughts.

To learn more about this study, go to Amazon.com.

1 Peter 2:9 Spiritual Fitness Challenge and Gift-Away

Challenge: Write a special blog post centered around 1 Peter 2:9. Submit your entry to edifier1@hotmail.com by July 4, 2012 and be entered into a Phone Tree Gift-Away drawing for the e-book, Anything: The Prayer That Unlocked My God and My Soul by Jennie Allen.

Entrants may submit a poem, testimonial, story, song, slide show presentation or Bible study lesson. The winning entry will be posted on The Phone Tree on July 31, 2012, with a spotlight feature on the writer and his/her blog or website.

In Pursuit of the Most High


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