Conversations in the Key of “C”

From time to time, I enjoy quieting myself, closing myself off from the noises of life. By doing this, it gives me a chance to think and to put things in the proper perspective. Not only does it grant me the opportunity to sit and listen to my internal voice, but it also affords me the chance to hear the voice of the Spirit. This is something I am learning to appreciate more and more – the Word of God spoken clearly inside of my heart. I refer to this as my personal conversations in the key of “C.” The “C,” of course, is related to Christ as the Word.

Have you ever committed hours or minutes upon minutes of your time to reading and savoring the Word of God? Have you ever just stopped and trained your ear to hear the words of Christ inside your soul? Have you learned to cease movement in order to connect with the LORD? Have you ever prostrated yourself so low that the only way you could see was by looking higher? This all points to personal conversations in the key of “C.” And how beautiful these conversations are and can be. They are valuable in such a way that I cannot even begin to properly describe them.

Phone Tree Spiritual Life Fitness Challenge: Select one day over the next seven days to dedicate at least one hour to prayer and quiet reflection time. Train your ear to hear the Word; allow the Spirit to speak to your heart. Journal the discoveries you make as it relates to yourself. Feel free to share your insights.

(As you go forward and your conversation experiences deepen, perhaps you might consider setting a personal goal for prayer and quiet reflection time on each day of the week. You can determine the length of time, etc.)


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