ESTHER…The Other Side of Deliverance

A Phone Tree Bible Study Series

Esther: It’s Tough Being a Woman by Beth Moore

Week 10 in Summary: The Tables Turned (Week 9 in book)

In the final week of our featured study, Beth does an amazing job of expounding upon what came after the great deliverance message which was sent forth to God’s people. As such, she shows us how God’s providential hand can extend beyond our moments of crisis and onward into our future. What a powerful lesson on hope!

Week 9 Quotes from Beth – The Tables Turned:

– “Matters of religious vengeance are reserved for Jesus Christ both now an in the coming day when He will judge the hearts of all mankind.”

– “We rarely take time to rest, reflect, and celebrate after a victory. We need to learn from Purim. ‘Purim was a spontaneous celebration of the joy of finding oneself still standing on the day after an irrevocable death decree was executed…Thus, Purim in this sense a Sabbath, a joyous rest after evil and the threat of death have passed.’”

– “Once you wrap your mind around the favor God has had on you and the richness of the portion He assigned to you even through disaster, you can’t help but share your portion with others.”

– “Beloved, you and I don’t need to celebrate the Jewish Purim. We each have our own to celebrate…We can celebrate our deliverance and call upon His name. Purim for us can be the deliberate remembrance of all God has done to set us free.”

– “Esther is memorable because God remembered a people who’d all but forgotten Him.”

Discussion Question: Do you make a practice of remembering God’s deliverance in your life?


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