Gaining Wisdom – 8 weeks in the Proverbs, Week 7

The Phone Tree Bible Study Group’s 2012 Summer Challenge

Gaining Wisdom – 8 weeks in the Proverbs 


Scripture Reading: Proverbs 24-27

Gaining Wisdom:

Chapter 24 Summary – > The beauty of wisdom is purposeful for soul transformation.

Power Scripture: “Know that wisdom is thus for your soul; if you find it, then there will be a future, and your hope will not be cut off.” Proverbs 24:14

Practical Life Message: To live a life filled with wisdom is to live knowing that your life path has direction and meaning. To know the direction and meaning of your life is to know its end – a beautiful inheritance.

Chapter 25 Summary – > There is great value in being quiet, remaining humble, and ceasing from arguing.

Power Scripture: “If your enemy is hungry, give him food to eat; and if he is thirsty, give him water to drink; for you will heap burning coals on his head, and the LORD will reward you.”Proverbs 25:21

Practical Life Message: The humble heart understands that it is good to demonstrate love to her enemies as well as to her friends. She provides as they have need, knowing that God is doing a work in her and in them.

Chapter 26 Summary – > A fool is without purpose, and a wise man knows His [the LORD’s] intent.

Power Scripture: “He who hates disguises it with his lips, but he lays up deceit in his heart.” Proverbs 26:24

Practical Life Message: How do you recognize a fool? You recognize a fool by the fruit of his lips and the work of his hands. The foolish deceive themselves, striving to justify that which is wicked. They have mouths which are filled with empty words and that come from an ignorant mind and poisonous heart.

Chapter 27 Summary – > There are things that all must undoubtedly know in order to live wisely.

Power Scripture: “As in water face reflects face, so the heart of man reflects man.” Proverbs 27:19

Practical Life Message: Your true heart will always be made known. It can be seen in your words, thoughts, deeds and actions.

7 Questions to Consider:

1) Is your desire to experience a transformation of the heart and soul?

2) Are you aware of God’s hope and future for your life?

3) What good is a proverb in the life of a fool if the foolish one is you?

4) Do you have a troubled heart? (Spiritual Fitness Challenge: Journal a prayer to God about this matter.)

5) What do you boast in – God or self?

6) Who do you sharpen and who sharpens you? (Meditate on Proverbs 27:17.)

7) Have you gained a greater appreciation for the spiritual food of God and/or for His holy sustenance?


His Word. Life Relevance. Holy Direction.


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