7 Days, 7 Ways

For the next seven days, would you be willing to commit to praying for seven people? Could you resign yourself to spending seven minutes praying God’s Word over and/or into the lives of seven people who have crossed your path or who cross your path on a daily basis? A friend? A family member? A stranger? Your church leaders? Your spouse or significant other? Someone. Anyone. Past to present.

Over the next seven days, join The Phone Tree in a very special Prayer Pause Project. The project is meant to focus our individual prayer efforts on those who are purposely placed in our life paths. You are encouraged to spend seven consecutive minutes praying for your selected seven (Translation: 49 minutes of prayer blessings extended on behalf of someone other than self).

Spiritual Fitness Challenge: During the suggested Prayer Pause Project period, make it a point to study the prayer life of Jesus. Be especially mindful of how and what He prayed. Next, examine yourself and your prayer life in comparison. Finally, journal about your discoveries.


3 thoughts on “7 Days, 7 Ways

    • I found myself praying for people in the family–family family and family of God. To really challenge myself when I say I am going to pray for someone that I do this. Thanks for the idea.

  1. I love this concept of praying for seven people for 7 days. I am going to try and do this. Thanks for the idea.

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