The Highest of the High

Who exists beyond the skies?

Who dwells in the place where beauty begins and the origin of Light can be found?

Who speaks and moves and breathes and lives?

The Highest.

The Eternal.

The Holy One.


Who knows the inner workings of the heart and the mind?

Who whispers, “I love you. You are special. Beloved, I have made you Mine?”

The Highest.

The Almighty.

The Beginning.

The End.

Who paints the day beautiful, unique, and rare?

Who crafts a word so fitting it leaves men in awe of Him?

Sovereign LORD.

The Most High God.


The Highest of the High.

Spiritual Life Fitness:

Praise and Worship: You’re My Everything by Jonathan Butler

Prayer/Meditation/Bible Study: Psalm 57

Journal Challenge: Write a letter to the Exalted One; tell Him of your love for and trust in Him.


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