Table Talk Tuesdays…Everything by Mary DeMuth

(A Message based on Mary DeMuth’s book, Everything: What You Give and What You Gain To Be More Like Jesus)

“Nothing significant in the kingdom of God happens unless death occurs.”

Mary DeMuth, Everything

Table Talk: Since the beginning of man’s Genesis existence, the significance of life and death has been notable. In the garden of Eden, the Bible mentions a death of sorts between Adam and Eve and their harmonious relationship with God. As the Word of God continues to stretch forth from the Old to the New, in terms of Testaments, one can further read about men and women who had to die to their old ways, their old thoughts, their old practices, and their old traditions. A death of self had to occur. And with that death came not only life, but also glory directed toward the Most High God.

Reflections: Death does not have to be looked upon as a depressing finality; it can be embraced as a hope-filled gift or as a blessed-kissed portal to newness. When viewed from a kingdom perspective, death can give way to new, abundant life experiences before God. It can serve as the necessary place of entry for new life living. And with it – death – comes a new birth, a rebirth, which will lead us to a new mission, a new purpose, and a new praise for God.

Table Talk Discussion Questions:

1) Which prominent Biblical patriarchs or saints had to die to themselves in order to live for God?

2) Do you die to yourself daily so that you can live for God? (Challenge: Journal about your response, then turn your words into a prayer to God.)

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4 thoughts on “Table Talk Tuesdays…Everything by Mary DeMuth

    • Thanks for connecting.

      Everything really is sensational. I agree with you. I found it to be deeply inspiring and extremely moving. I know many lives will be impacted.

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