Table Talk Tuesdays…Everything by Mary DeMuth

(A Message based on Mary DeMuth’s book, Everything: What You Give and What You Gain To Be More Like Jesus)

“We cherish our uniqueness, our clever thoughts, forgetting that Wisdom, Power, and Holiness personified empowers us.”

Mary DeMuth, Everything

Table Talk: Identity. It is what defines us and makes us uniquely who we are. But of greater importance than our identity, in the most general sense, is our spiritual identity. Who we are in the Spirit or rather who the Spirit is in us, that is the true measure of who we are as children of God.

Reflections: How would you rather be remembered by family, friends, and strangers alike? Would you want to be remembered as a good person or as a godly person? As a morally upright person or as a spiritually upright person? As a friendly person or as a friend of God? Would you want to be remembered for giving to some causes or for giving yourself away entirely to God for His glory? There are distinct differences between all of these things. The differences: one deals with the nature of self and the other deals with the selfless nature of a life directed by God.  One deals with characteristics limited, quite often, by temporal circumstances, whereas the other deals with traits ingrained in association with a heart dedicated to God by way of Christ. With the aforementioned in mind, we should seek to remember that it is more important to have our identities linked to the Spirit and that which is of His holiness. We should also endeavor to understand that it is more important to be remembered for our Spirit-enlivened lives and actions.

Table Talk Discussion Questions:

1) What value is there in living a life in the Spirit? (Challenge: Complete a Scripture study on the following verses: Romans 8:9, 11.)

2) What three things can you definitively say about who you are as a spiritual individual in Christ?

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2 thoughts on “Table Talk Tuesdays…Everything by Mary DeMuth

  1. The value of life in the Spirit for me is to know peace. Not necessarily peace from the everyday because my life is super hectic and I certainly can’t be called peaceful. It’s peace in the deep part of my soul that I am loved and “all is well with my soul”. 🙂

    Great post and questions Kim!

    • Mindy,
      I love this, “It’s peace in the deep part of my soul that I am loved.” I am loved – that is a powerful truth that should never be forgotten. An assurance that should be accepted. A promise that should be embraced.
      Thanks for connecting. – Blessings

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