Table Talk Tuesdays…Everything by Mary DeMuth

(A Message based on Mary DeMuth’s book, Everything: What You Give and What You Gain To Be More Like Jesus)

“The gospel of Jesus Christ should be both simple and profound. Simple in its beauty, but profound in the life change it should bring.”

Mary DeMuth, Everything

Table Talk: The message of the Gospel breathes life into the dead, grants hope unto the hopeless, and renders those who were once unhealthy with a new health and wellness of the soul. It reveals at its core the very heart and intent of God. Once encountered and embraced by the pure of heart, the Gospel has the power to radically transform lives, making them strangely unfamiliar to a world existing merely in the natural.

Reflections: When Christ is met and His communicated message is both heard and received, the pure-hearted seeker will respond in such a way that he is changed. He will be transformed. Made new. He will not be the same. His walk will be different. His talk will be unique. His testimony more sure. He will zealously pursue greater understanding and relationship with the Savior. So changed will he be that his new life purpose will be to tell others the Good News so that they also might embrace the LORD for themselves.

Table Talk Discussion Questions:

1) In your own words, what is the Good News of the Gospel? (Challenge: Complete a Scripture review on the book of Acts. Write down specific examples pertaining to the impact of the Gospel on the lives of men and women.)

2) When you met Jesus Christ, how did your life change?

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