“Just Give Up and Die” – A Tough Lesson on Spiritual Life Fitness

Getting physically fit is no small thing. Getting, staying, and being spiritually fit can be challenging as well. In order to achieve an optimal level of fitness, we must learn one of the toughest lessons of our lives. The lesson – just give up and die.

Give up€? It doesn’t sound too inspiring, and yet it is. Giving up, from a spiritual fitness perspective, is an empowering notion that is divinely inspired. It is so in that one must give up all aspects of self in order to realize the ideal “fitness” level sought. In Jesus, giving up self is not about loss, rather, it is about gain.

To die. To give up life. To cease existing as is. Doesn’t Christ call us to do that very thing? Are we not influenced to give up our former selves and to cease existing as we once did? And though it’s hard, tough, difficult, and challenging to just give up and die, if mastered, it can catapult us to a new level of fitness, wellness, wholeness and healing.


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