Playing the Harlot, Prostituting the Faith

A Route 66 Bible Study Feature

Scripture Reading: Jeremiah 2-6

God loved His chosen people. He doted on His beloved. He demonstrated an unfailing and an unwavering love for her time and time again. Despite God’s goodness, however, His beloved betrayed Him, committing adulterous acts with multiple partners. She prostituted herself, choosing wickedness, evil, and treachery over righteousness. She abandoned God Himself and elected instead to fulfill her desires outside of Him. She turned her inheritance into that which was detestable to God. And even after being confronted about her lack of faith and penchant for the ungodly, she chose the arms of her lovers over God.

Practical Life Message:

God’s beloved children face temptations daily. They are lured constantly by the evil one. Countless lovers make themselves known on behalf of Satan. They present their delights, offering them up as gifts in an attempt to woo and win the wavering as well as the stable. Like the chosen people of the past, each present-day believer will come to a point and to a place where she can either choose to play the harlot or she can choose to live as a holy vessel. She can choose to prostitute herself, thereby compromising her faith in an effort to assuage a momentary passion, or she can choose to commit to the covenant partnership she entered into with God through her new life relationship in Christ.

7 Questions to Consider:

1) Do you find that your loyalty and faithfulness to God wavers or shifts depending on your seasons of life? (Spiritual Life Fitness Challenge: Explore this further. Journal and pray specifically about when and why this happens.)

2) Do you find fault with God? Why? (Spiritual Life Fitness Challenge: Complete a heart examination by asking yourself some hard questions about your faith or lack thereof. Is faithlessness or unwavering faith about God or about self?) 

3) Are you guilty of using the gifts and blessings of God for personal pleasure pursuits?

4) Do you fear God? Why or why not?

5) Do you acknowledge your sins before God; do you recognize your adulterous ways?

6) What are some of the characteristics of the spiritually immoral? (Use Old Testament and New Testament verses to answer this question.)

7) Do you believe that God can and will forgive the unfaithful?

His Word. Life Relevance. Holy Direction.


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