The Place of the Great Start

A short time ago, I shared some thoughts with you about a recent general life assessment. I told you about the intentional examinations that I had made as it relates to people, movement, actions and the rhythm of life. From that purposeful review, I walked away with revelation upon revelation regarding how to live the God-encounter experience. Another key lesson that I have come to daily reflect on deals with looking to the place of the great start.

The place of the great start is all about living in the freedom of forward momentum. It is about having measured movement in a given direction. It is about gaining speed or focus toward a God-purpose and in essence about moving toward God Himself. It is about being steered by God in order to make a bold move toward God for a great work of God. A Scripture reference that sheds light on this can be found in Galatians 1.

In Galatians 1, the Apostle Paul is noted to have written a letter to the churches of Galatia. In his letter, he speaks to many things – the Persons of God, the origins of grace and peace, the sacrificial love of the LORD, and the purity of the Gospel of Christ. Beyond those things, however, Paul also shares very intimate details about his yesteryear activity. He goes into precise detail about his former manner of life and about the great change that came over him as a result of the unique call of grace from the God of heaven.

The beauty of looking to the place of the great start lies in recognizing the union between grace and glory. Where the two touch is the place where each one of us come together. It is the place where we come to know ourselves and who we really are, according to the will of God. It is a place where direction is found and purpose is driven. From that point of contact – the place where we meet grace and glory – that is where our great start begins.

Spiritual Life Fitness Challenge: This week, read Galatians 1. Cross reference it with Acts 9:1-31, 13-28. Write down what you notice about Paul [Saul] and his life transformation post his great start.

Some of the questions I have asked myself as a result of my general life assessment and my great start study:

– Do we allow ourselves to live in the place of freedom given to us by God? Why or why not?

– If God has given us a vision and a purpose related to forward momentum in Him, should we act on it? Do we act on it?

– What kind of things stall our movement or hinder our onward progression in life?

– Are we so guilty about the acts we committed in our former lives that we cannot live abundantly in our now moments?

– What is the great transformation in Christ all about?

– What does the Bible say about the grace of God?

– When there is a lack of direction and focus in our lives, what do we do about it?

– Do we look at each moment in our lives and/or day as opportunities to glorify God?

His Word. Life Relevance. Holy Direction.


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