Setting a Course for Freedom

Freedom is a most wonderful blessing and a most excellent gift. It is desired sincerely.  It is sought after earnestly. It is fought for passionately. Many have given and still give their lives for it. But do people really understand it? Do they appreciate that it has already been provided, in the truest and purest sense, through Jesus Christ?

To live freely in the freedom that one has been given begins and ends with grace. Grace that is given by God and found in the LORD. It has been made available to all who would have it and know it. With that in mind, I will make 2013 a year about the journey to freedom in Christ by grace for God’s glory.

The ONE WORD to chronicle my journey…RELEASE.

2013 release 2

What will your ONE WORD be for 2013?


5 thoughts on “Setting a Course for Freedom

  1. Thank you for your sincerity and for your heart, Jeanie. May God continuously grant you the desires of His heart and your own as well. Happy New Year!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing this for today. I appreciated reading about freedom. We have a freedom in God and what he has done in our lives. Hope you have a wonderful new year and that it will be a peaceful one.

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