Anything…Anything Goes (Week 5 of 6)


“…the prayer held in it a thousand little deaths…My heart raced at the thought…”

Study Divisions: Something (Quotes & Suggested Scripture Readings), No Matter What (Self-Examination Questions), No Doubting (A Phone Tree Spiritual Life Fitness Growth Challenge)

Study Objective: Learn what it takes to unlock your heart and soul to the Most High God.

Week 5 Connection – >

During week 5, you are asked to read the following: seeing God (our purpose here), blast off (overcoming doubts), and 0ut of control (God in the chaos). Once you have completed the reading, refer back to this post to review the quotes, the suggested Scripture readings, the study questions, and the Phone Tree Spiritual Life Fitness Challenge.

SOMETHING (Quotes & Suggested Scripture Readings) – >

Chapter 14:

– Quote from Jennie: “When Jesus went to pray, when he went to meet and plead with his father before facing death, one word fell off his lips over and over again. He prayed for God’s glory. He longed for it.”

– Suggested Scripture Reading: John 17

Chapter 15:

– Quote from Jennie: “…God must replace the chaos of me.”

– Suggested Scripture Reading: 2 Corinthians 5:17

Chapter 16:

– Quote from Jennie: “Those of us who know Christ, we live for a different reality. We live for things we can’t see and make decisions based on that different reality. Our reality is a cross, a heaven, and a God who sees us and gives us his Spirit so we can do something while we are here. And that’s not building a cute, easy life for ourselves where the pros outweigh the cons.”

– Suggested Scripture Reading: John 17:18

NO MATTER WHAT (Self-Examination Questions) – >

1) Do you long to have a better understanding of God’s glory?

2) Have you ever asked yourself  whether or not you have given God what He wants most?

3) What is it within you that truly holds you back from knowing God?

4) What story has God written on your life and/or for your life?

5) Are you still afraid to trust God with every area of your life? Why?

NO DOUBTING (A Phone Tree Spiritual Life Fitness Growth Challenge) – > Delve deeply into the Word of God and clearly identify what God wants most. Make sure you write down all Scriptural references, as this will serve as a good place to start regarding future study opportunities.

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