How Jesus, Jazzercise and Juicing Changed My Life (Temple Building 2.0)

A Spiritual Life Fitness MessageHow Jesus, Jazzercise, and Juicing Changed My Life (Temple Building 2.0)  00313733

After much in the way of soul-searching, quiet communion with the LORD, and Scripture digging, I became more committed to the pursuit of wellness. Actually, a better way to say it would be that I became more focused on living a life of wholeness. I got to the point where I was, as they say, sick and tired of being sick and tired. I wanted the Healer to heal me beyond the bounds or limits of the physical.

Raw, naked, exposed, bare – all of these words describe the approach I was to take if I wanted wholeness, wellness, and healing. They would lead me toward further clarity regarding Temple Building (The J3 Method).

Temple Building 2.0

My Wellness Assignment: Would You Be Made Well? (Research)

My Assignment: Find Jesus first! – – > I  read and studied various Scriptures related to the healings associated with Jesus. Of particular interest was John 5.

My Wholeness Assignments: Jazzin’ (Scout and Ascend)

The Jesus Factor: Take part in a daily examination of selected Scriptures. – – > I chose to look further into John 5, making sure to identify the most prominent theme. From there, I converted the information into question form and applied it personally.

The Jazzercise Factor: Select a Jazzercise program option and stick with it. – – > Because Jazzercise has so many programs to choose from – high impact, low impact, Jazzercise Lite, circuit training, kickboxing, bodysculpting, Personal Touch, Cardio Core – I needed to decide what was most appropriate for me and commit to it. I chose a program that encompassed all of the above. I also took the time to speak with various instructors one-on-one so that I could better learn the Jazzercise way.

The Juicing Factor: Focus on healing food sources. – – > I approached my intake of nutrition with a particular mindset. I knew that I wanted to or rather needed to detox and cleanse. I began my juicing there, using choice rich food sources to engage in the process.

My Healing Assignment: Rebuild and Restore (Reconstruction by God)

Fast. – – > Making a committment to God and to self is no small thing. I knew that I would have to be totally dedicated to the process of wellness, wholeness, and healing. I knew that I would have to be aligned with God. I was led to engage in a fast.  I chose to take part in a modified version of The Daniel Fast by Susan Gregory. (Note: Should you decide to participate in a personal fast in any way, you are encouraged to not only consult with your physician, but you are also encouraged to thoroughly investigate the different types of fasts. Additionally, ask yourself why you are choosing to fast.)

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This series excerpt is abbreviated in form. If you would like to receive additional Temple Building 2.0 power Scriptures, fitness tips, and/or juicing recipes, please email me directly. Refer to the IGNITE tab at the top of the page to secure my contact information.

God bless,


“Do you not know that your body is the temple of The Spirit of Holiness who dwells within you, whom you have received from God, and you are not your own?”

1 Corinthians 6:19


3 thoughts on “How Jesus, Jazzercise and Juicing Changed My Life (Temple Building 2.0)

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  2. Great testimony!! Keep up the good work. I am going thru a transformation as well both spiritually and physically. Continued success with your transformation!!! God bless you!!

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