A Woman Who Dares to Believe in Living Out God’s Grace

Thin Places me demuth

The Assignment: Find a God-sized dream story that inspires you and share it.


Overcoming adversity, living beyond betrayal, finding freedom in forgiveness, and having the courage to touch grace, it is all possible. How do I know? These are some of the beautiful real life lessons I’ve learned from reading the gut-honest words of Mary DeMuth.

Mary is a God-sized dreamer who dares to believe in living out God’s grace. She teaches about it. She writes about it. She lives it.

Every book, every blog post, every purposed message I’ve read of Mary’s has taught me about how to not only glimpse grace, but also how to experience it more fully.

This inspired dreamer has the unique ability to draw from a wound or a hurt and show where the Divine exists.

She has the capacity to help others see where God’s lifeline supports are.

She reveals her hard truths in such a way that you can’t help but be inspired to do the same.

She encourages fellow dreamers to taste the goodness of God and to walk forward without guilt or shame.

She, by her example, uncovers what real-time transparency looks like.

From Mary, this woman who dares to believe God, I have learned how to breathe through and survive my dark shadows. I have learned how to live in the light. I have found the voice of my inner warrior. And now, I dream. I teach. I write. I live.

Dream God-sized Dreams

Share your God-sized dreams and inspire others.


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