The CHASE: Chasing After the Heart of God, Week 4

A Special Phone Tree Bible Study CONNECTIONS Series


“If we are honest, there are moments or seasons we all doubt, because every foundational thing about us depends on invisible stuff.”

Jennie Allen


Study Objectives:

– Discover the heart of God.

– Explore the life of David.

– Examine your heart for God.


Week 4 Assignment: Read BELIEF (Lesson 4)



(Quotes from Jennie)

– “God can handle our doubts. He is big enough. But we have got to quit pretending faith is easy.”

– “He [God] wants to assure us our faith is real through our memories of the times when it was undoubtedly real and through the promises of His Word.”

– “I need a God whom I cannot understand. I need a God big enough to have purposes for my life that are beyond what I can see.”



(Scripture Review)

Read 2 Samuel 7:1-17; John 20:29; Hebrews 3:12.




 Identify one surety you know about your belief in Christ.



(The Heart of the Matter)

Belief is something that one accepts as true or real. It is something that is confirmed as being accepted. It is something that warrants the placement of confidence on and/or in. When considering the chase or the pursuit of God, you must come to the place where you ask yourself two key questions – what do you believe and why do you believe what you believe. If you are truly looking into your heart and at His, you cannot avoid this divinely orchestrated self-confrontation.



(A Question Just For You)

Do you really believe that there is a merciful God who loves you – the fluctuating faith walker, the sinner, the sorrowful saint –  and deeply longs for your heart or do you doubt?



Engage in a general search on Bible verses that relate to doubt. Read each verse that you find slowly and thoughtfully. Upon completion of your search, journal your thoughts and your take away.


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