The CHASE: Chasing After the Heart of God, Week 5

A Special Phone Tree Bible Study CONNECTIONS Series


“…we all mess up, even after God has done so much for us. Guilt and shame sink into the holes of our failures and we either run from those feelings or they paralyze us.”

Jennie Allen


Study Objectives:

– Discover the heart of God.

– Explore the life of David.

– Examine your heart for God.


Week 5 Assignment: Read REPENTANCE (Lesson 5)



(Quotes from Jennie)

– “God doesn’t ask us to confess our sin so we will feel guilty. He asks us to confess our sin to find freedom and to come back to Him.”

– “Something about coming to the end of ourselves, when we can’t pretend we are good anymore, shows us just how much we always needed God.”

– “A contrite heart pleases God, a heart that sees its need for a Savior.”



(Scripture Review)

Read 2 Samuel 2, 12:1-14; Proverbs 28:13; Psalm 51:17; Psalm 32.




 Name the one thing you can do for yourself as it relates to repentance.



(The Heart of the Matter)

All of us have done things we are not proud of, things that if given the chance to correct them and do them over again, we would. Unfortunately, there are no do overs in life. What there is, however, for those of us who have made horrible decisions and deeply regret them, is repentance. Repentance or the act of repenting is a wonderfully freeing action that affords those who engage in it with a blessed opportunity to walk anew. It is a changing from or a turning toward something new and different. In God’s Word, we are graciously shown what repentance means, what repentance looks like, and what changes of life and heart come by way of it.



(A Question Just For You)

Upon repenting, are you able to assure deliverance for yourself? (If not, who is it that assures you of deliverance?)



Study Psalm 32:5. Memorize the verse this week. Put it into action. At the end of the week, journal all the things you learned about yourself, about the process of confession and repentance, and about God as it relates to Him being the Restorer of your soul.


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