Table Talk Tuesdays…Wonderstruck by Margaret Feinberg

(A Phone Tree Message based on Margaret Feinberg’s book, Wonderstruck)


The Wonder of God (Wonderstruck Quote):

“Live each day like a child digging through an antique treasure chest rifling for the next discovery.”

Table Talk (The Chat):

Each day that we are given should be approached as a grand adventure. It should be viewed as a divine quest. As a mighty pursuit. As a treasure hunt meant to move us toward an epic discovery. A discovery that will lead us to the very heart of God. A discovery that will help us to experience the glorious presence of God. A discovery that will reveal to us the various ways to recognize God’s simple yet vast goodness. That is meant to help us recognize His benevolent touch and His magnificent grace.

As we look unto the days we are given, it is essential that we live them, see them with a childlike wonder versus with an adult-minded taint. In witnessing and experiencing life as a youngling would, we are afforded the chance to see beyond the obvious. We are positioned in such a way that we can better appreciate the value of the uncommonly common. We are granted the chance to behold and to partake of the purest treasures that bring the truest joy.

Phone Tree Discussion Questions (Going Further):

1) Do you approach your days as if you are looking for God Himself in each experience?

2) What is the benefit of having childlike wonder?

3) How would you describe your greatest treasures? (First, identify them.)

4) When was the last time you observed a child at play? (Spiritual Life Fitness Challenge: Observe a young child at play. Take note of what she plays with and how she plays with it. Look at how she treats it. Notice what happens if someone tries to take away her treasure. Journal about your observations and then pray to God about your discoveries.)



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