The CHASE: Chasing After the Heart of God, Week 6

A Special Phone Tree Bible Study CONNECTIONS Series


“…to get God we were learning to receive our lives rather than trying to control them.”

Jennie Allen


Study Objectives:

– Discover the heart of God.

– Explore the life of David.

– Examine your heart for God.


Week 6 Assignment: Read SURRENDER (Lesson 6)



(Quotes from Jennie)

– “Surrendering to God means we will willingly receive whatever He has for us.”

– “…there is nothing more beautiful than someone whose life is God’s for the taking…”

– “David often questioned God’s presence as he suffered. But as we read how David cried out to God, we can sense his soul filling with something real and satisfying. Before long David was praising God because God was his portion. God was enough.”



(Scripture Review)

Read 2 Samuel 13, 18:13-33; Psalm 22; Romans 5:3-4.




 Identify the things you struggle with most.



(The Heart of the Matter)

Life is hard. It is filled with uncertainties, hardships, struggles and suffering. But greater than any of those things is the God of all creation. He is bigger, mightier, and grander than anything we have to contend with. He is our guaranteed portion and our assured champion. Nothing can overcome Him. Nothing can overwhelm Him. Nothing can remove Him from His throne. He is always higher, and He is always enough. We must allow Him to be so. We must learn to surrender to Him and trust Him to be our everything.



(A Question Just For You)

“Are we willing to surrender fully to a God who may let us suffer?”  (J. Allen, p. 119)



In your journal, draw a picture of a cross. Referring back to the list of struggles you identified, write each one of them on the cross. As you write them, prayerfully give them over to God.

(Note: Truly surrendering your struggles to God and releasing yourself into His keeping can move you toward real acceptance of what He has freely given to you – love, forgiveness, and redemption.)


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