These Things I Know

2013 release 2

Over the course of the last few months, I have been focused on my One Word objective…RELEASE. During this time, I have come to learn many things. And while I continue to learn through this action word, there is a very clear and very sure truth that I know. I know that I am being stretched. Being changed. Being transformed in mind and heart. This is a good thing. Good because it means that I am growing, and in growing, I am being challenged. In being challenged, I am being refreshed. In being refreshed, I am being revived. I am being freed. For this, I am thankful. Grateful even, as it is my portion. It is my blessing. Not of self, but entirely of God.

These are the things I know:

1) God is Sovereign.

2) The LORD is always enough.

3) There will come a time in weakness when all will have to make a choice to stand strong.

4) The truth is, the Truth is.

5) Following Christ isn’t about our noble thoughts on what is holy and good and right, rather following Christ is about walking as He walked toward the very heart of God.

6) God does not forsake that which He is faithful to.

7) Grace is infinitely defined and breathes life into everything it touches.

8) Forgiveness stretches from the cross outward.

9) Intimacy with God must be personal.

10) The greatest demonstration of love begins and ends with surrender to the Highest.

11) When we can begin to see ourselves as we look at others, then we will know how to care.

12) We must each come to answer two important questions, “What do I believe,” and “Why do I believe.”

13) Death is the beginning of life and abundant living.

14) It is vital that we need God more than anything else.

15) Holding something against someone else is like wearing an albatross around your neck.

16) Being vigilant and staying alert means knowing when to be selective and knowing what to be selective about.

17) Living a holy life is indeed about having a singular focus.

18) The glory of God is paramount.

19) The richest and most meaningful prayer is the one said when you are naked, raw, and exposed, not sure of what to say but speaking with humility, sincerity, and honesty anyway.

20) The origin of existence is I AM.

21) Joy can be found even in the places we struggle.

22) The presence of God dwells within and we can commune with Him simply by acknowledging His being, through Christ.

23) Desperation is not a bad thing in the spiritual sense and where God is concerned.

24) The value of praise cannot be measured.

25) The place of “leaving and letting go” is also the place of “seeking and finding.” It is the place of our identity – our future and our history, our present and our liberty.

And the learning continues…

Question: What things do you know?


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