The Forgotten Side of Yes


“What so often begins as a ‘yes’ to God sometimes ends as an ‘I don’t know what happened.’ Thankfully, there is grace.”

Eva Kim

In the natural, man often forgets himself. He forgets his identity, his convictions, his purpose, his focus. In one moment he stands as a pillar, sure and firm in his ways, but in the very next moment, he struggles against what he knows to be true and right. He loses himself in selfish desires, fear, a lack of faith, or maybe even insecurity.

Abraham. Moses. David. Solomon. Jonah. Peter. Paul. John Mark. They each veered off course at some point. They forgot their yes to God. And these men do not stand alone. No. Not at all. In their stories, we can glimpse ourselves. We can see the forgotten side of our yes. The side that once upon a time was rooted in the affirmative, but somehow lost traction and intent of heart. Thankfully, however, there is a more divine Yes in the LORD that pours out love, grace, and so much more on those whom He cares for.

A More Divine Yes for the Forgetful Pilgrim

For the forgetful pilgrim in search of a home, God’s Yes is a dwelling place.

For the forgetful pilgrim who questions his ability to speak, God’s Yes is His voice.

For the forgetful pilgrim who commits adultery in the physical and beyond, God’s Yes is a covenant relationship in the purest sense.

For the forgetful pilgrim who makes foolish choices, God’s Yes is wisdom and understanding of Him and in Him.

For the forgetful pilgrim who runs from truth, God’s Yes is revelation.

For the forgetful pilgrim who acts out without thought or care beyond himself, God’s Yes is forgiveness.

For the forgetful pilgrim who is so obtusely focused on what seems right versus what is right, God’s Yes is Light.

For the forgetful pilgrim who turns his gaze toward unknown trails, God’s Yes is the promise of supernatural transformation.

Prayer: Father, thank You for being our Yes. When we would forget, help us to remember. In the saving name of Jesus. Amen.


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