Table Talk Tuesdays…Dry Bones Dancing by Tony Evans


Dry Bones Dancing: (Quote from Tony Evans): “Could there be life again where life had totally departed? Can strength and movement and energy and awareness and responsiveness somehow reappear in those who are so utterly dead that their bodies have decayed away, leaving nothing but bones – and even those very bones are disconnected and bleached and dry?”

Table Talk (The Chat): Does hope exist beyond despair? Is there a reason to believe that goodness and wholeness live outside of those things that seem lifeless or lost? In the lives of those who are lacking, can there be expectancy? Anticipation? Trust in the God of heaven? Can there be a zealous desire to believe that something – anything – is possible with God?

Resurrecting Your Spiritual Passion (Scripture Reference): Ezekiel 37

Table Talk Discussion Question: Do you believe that God has the power to revive and resurrect that which is dead in you?


2 thoughts on “Table Talk Tuesdays…Dry Bones Dancing by Tony Evans

  1. Yes, I do. But believing it and really trusting in that belief is hard. I know God can do anything, everything I’ve ever read in the Bible, studied in Bible studies, listened to in church, read in books…but when I’m faced with a situation that has been on-going and I’ve prayed and prayed and nothing happens, it’s hard to hold on to that belief. Yet, no matter if I “give up”, God does not. I may not see those “dry bones” come back to life in one of my loved ones, but I’m trusting in Him to do it and I know He can! I guess I got off subject, the question was suppose to be about me, not a loved one, but the same goes for me, yes, I believe. But I am also prone to doubt also when it’s a long time coming. Lord, I believe, help me with my unbelief! Amen.

    • I do so love your response, Debbie. I find it to be both raw and real. I can relate to what you have shared so well. I understand, truly.

      The realness of God…the realness of our relationship with Him…the believing beyond our unbelief, this is what it comes down to isn’t it. Until He and all that He is becomes real to us, in us, through us, we will likely walk around “dry” and “dead.” It takes His resurrecting power to breathe life into us.

      Each day, I appreciate more and more that it takes Him to do this all. To live. To move. To be aware. To recognize. To forgive self for unbelief. Bottom line, He knew we needed Jesus – the living Water who counters the dryness. The very Life who revives the dead.

      (Your words have been with me since you shared them. I have quietly reflected on them. Thank you so much for sharing. You are appreciated and loved in Christ.)

      – God bless

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