Table Talk Tuesdays…Dry Bones Dancing by Tony Evans


Dry Bones Dancing: (Quote from Tony Evans): “So this was the devastating reality: God’s people were nothing more than a valley-full of wretched bones, pathetic and passionless and useless…Like dry-roasted, disconnected skeletal fragments, and nothing more. Only bones that could not effectively walk or run or work. Bones that definitely were incapable of dancing and celebration…Physically they felt inwardly drained of vitality because spiritually and mentally and emotionally they were without any hope. They felt ‘cut off’ – severed from life and vitality as well as from community. Each one felt inwardly disjointed, confused and disconnected from one another…Spiritual dryness and dejection and disconnectedness had become a way of life…”

Table Talk (The Chat): When you are spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically exhausted or in other words, when you are as dry as a bone, finding the wherewithal to connect…in any way…can prove difficult. In that place of difficulty, you may find that it is all you can do to hold your head up, generate a look of interest in life, or even smile at yourself in the mirror. You may find it challenging to go from one day to the next. You may realize how hard it is to reach out to family, to friends, or to anyone who wants to “just make sure you are okay.” You try to hang on as long as you can in the place of fragility, but you feel hopeless. Weary. Dead. In a state of utter despair. But God…

Resurrecting Your Spiritual Passion (Scripture Reference): Ezekiel 37:11-12

Table Talk Discussion Questions:

1) Can the person who believes in God and follows after the LORD give in to utter despair? If so, what does this mean?

2) What does the word of God say to the person who feels hopeless, weary or in a state of utter despair?


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