A Phone Tree Book Review: Fruit Happens by Michael Christopher

Fruit Happens by Michael Christopher


Phone Tree Review:
Fruit Happens! was given to me by a close friend who thought I might enjoy reading it, as it spoke of the fruit of the Spirit. The basis of the book was indeed about the fruit of the Spirit, according to Galatians 5, but the story itself was centered around the life of the main character, Delbert Stevens aka Dellie O’Shea. A colorful character with an interesting backstory, O’Shea shared memories from his past in an attempt to show how God was always at work in his life.
I found this book to be a short read with some very good points. I really liked the author’s concept of young people engaging in a Bible study and living out what they were discussing from the word of God. With that said, however, I found a seeming disconnect between the nondescript age of the young people and the wisdom they were sharing. Upon meeting them, one might think they were very young, but as they began sharing their personal thoughts about each of the “fruits,” as well as giving Scriptural support for their understanding of the “fruits,” something did not quite gel for me. While I fully believe that we all can learn much from young people, I found it rather hard to believe that every one of the Bible study attendees, even first-time visitor, O’Shea, could impart such mature knowledge.
Further, I felt that there could have been more to this story. I felt cheated in not getting to know more about O’Shea. It seemed like there was more to come and then all of a sudden, the story simply ended. I was not able to understand why the author chose to introduce O’Shea’s lively past only to lightly brush over it and change directions, without ever coming to some great epiphanous point.
I loved the reference made to O’Shea saving the life of the little baby girl. I liked how the baby’s mother and the Bible study group rallied around him, showing love and support. I also liked how O’Shea gave his perspective on the events that occurred on the day of the accident.
Per Mr. Christopher, the book’s summary…God knows your name and He will not forget you. I was unable to fully grasp that message based on the book’s content.
This story hit its mark in terms of introducing the fruit of the Spirit and describing how it might look in the lives of people, in general, but it lacked in that it never clearly delved into O’Shea’s life choices or the why and how of his questionably seedy path. It did not speak to the God-connect throughout his life. And, it did not really connect A Word from Dellie with the rest of the book.
Lastly, I do want to say that I did appreciate the appendices provided by the author. Without a doubt, this book will definitely influence much in the way of discussion.

Phone Tree Rating: 2.5 Stars **~


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