The REPURPOSED Convert, Week 1

A Phone Tree Bible Study Series based on Repurposed: The Memoirs of Nehemiah by Mike Hurt


“Repurposing happens as you find an alternative use for something that already exists…we see repurposing any time something we thought was only worth throwing away is suddenly reused…it happens when we see our current lives in a new light…Repurposing is about hope. This happens when we come to know Christ. He makes all things new. He repurposes us.”

Mike Hurt

Assigned Scripture Reading: Nehemiah 1-6

Change: Make or become different

Week 1 in Summary – – >

Born during a time of exile, Nehemiah was an ordinary Jew who allowed God to repurpose his life. He was a visionary who was called to communicate a bold message to a people who needed to hear and experience God afresh. In heeding God’s call, he was able to accomplish an extraordinary work of God.

Transform: Make a thorough or dramatic change in the form, appearance, or character of

Week 1 Quotes from Mike – Ordinary Rethought – – >

– “If you desire to be used greatly by God, do what Nehemiah did. Be faithful where God has put you and trust Him with the rest…be available to God…be usable to be used by God.” (p. 15)

– “One of the ways…leadership is demonstrated is through…’unwavering resolve’…to do whatever must be done to produce the best long-term results, no matter how difficult the process.” (p.17)

– “Nehemiah’s message is one of committment, hope, and renewal…He did what he did in order to build up the people of God. He wasn’t building a wall, a church, or an army. Nehemiah was building biblical community… He called the people to depend on the hand of God as they rebuilt the walls.” (p. 20)

– “God gave Nehemiah a vision for the future, but God gave everyone the success because they were led by an ‘us/we’ leader.” (p. 22)

– “…God is bigger than any opposition we may face…Nehemiah knew that God was bigger…If he was trusting God, he didn’t have to fear any man…with Him, they were positioned to do the miraculous.” (p.24)

– “The church of today needs Nehemiah…the church needs to be repurposed in some places…it is God who we are trusting to accomplish all of this. The walls are going up again.” (p.27)

Alter: Change or cause to change in character or composition

Week 1 Questions to Consider – – >

1) Do you ever wonder why you are positioned where you are in life?

2) Are you willing to be used by God, no matter how difficult the challenge?

3) “What do you think a usable person looks like?” (p.17)

4) Are there areas in your life that lay in shambles, much like the walls of Jerusalem?

5) “How do you think the people felt when they looked at their broken walls?” (p.18)

6) Do you believe God has called you to be a leader in one way or another?

7)  How do you respond when naysayers and enemies pit themselves against you?

8) “Like Nehemiah, do you have a burden in your heart for the work God has called you to do?” (p. 25)

The Phone Tree Spiritual Life Fitness Challenge:

(Objective: Understand what is required to rebuild your walls and to be spiritually restored.) 

Go back and reread Nehemiah 1:4-11. Write down all of the things that Nehemiah did and said before the God of heaven. Reflect on those things that resonated with you the most. Follow up with a personal prayer to God.

AG00268_Radical transformation takes work…and grace.


3 thoughts on “The REPURPOSED Convert, Week 1

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  2. Living in this world can be taxing. We have to renew our minds daily! This study sounds like a definite way to refresh and encourage.

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