In the Place That We Stand


In the place that we stand, there exists a particular view. Some would say that the view can be seen by way of the light, while others might say that the view can only be seen through the shadows. The manner in which we elect to see is all about perspective. In the deepest and most spiritual sense, it is in choosing to see by way of the light that we become aware of the supernatural Source who stimulates our sight and awareness. We become more mindful of the One who makes the invisible visible. Of the One who uncovers the covered. In choosing to see through the shadows, we set ourselves on a course that very much denies the supernatural and clings instead to the natural. We acknowledge and accept a dark shade with its presence of pseudo-light which reflects negatively on all that it touches.

In God, in Christ, in the Holy Spirit – the place that we, believers, seekers, converts, disciples, stand – we find the grace and the freedom to live in an upright way. We find love, support, strength, and endurance. We find lessons in the holy. We find direction meant for pilgrimages of the heart and soul. We find the ability to grow beyond ourselves.

Let us look in the place that we stand and choose the view we desire to see by, as are granted an opportunity to go forward. Let us reach upward, inward, and outward…always moving toward the glory of the Most High.

2013 release 2


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