“Having courage…

“Having courage does not mean being unafraid.” – C. MacKenzie


One thought on ““Having courage…

  1. I found this quote yesterday. I thought it interesting. It made me consider two things – 1) where the Bible speaks regarding being fearless and courageous; it reminded me that God is with me and 2) the lives of Abraham, Moses, and Jacob. These men were faced with uncommon calls. They were to be used by God to accomplish great things. I could not help but wonder what emotions or thoughts they may have had to deal with. Were they believing and yet a little afraid? Did they immediately drop everything, going forward with 100% confidence? Did they wrestle things out in any way? Were they filled somewhat with anxiety? In the end, of course, they chose God, which took trust. The kind of trust that exists outside of self and goes full circle back to a fearless and courageous belief in God and in Him being with you. So loved this!!!

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