The REPURPOSED Convert, Week 2

A Phone Tree Bible Study Series based on Repurposed: The Memoirs of Nehemiah by Mike Hurt


“Repurposing happens as you find an alternative use for something that already exists…we see repurposing any time something we thought was only worth throwing away is suddenly reused…it happens when we see our current lives in a new light…Repurposing is about hope. This happens when we come to know Christ. He makes all things new. He repurposes us.”

Mike Hurt

Assigned Scripture Reading: Nehemiah 7-13

Change: Make or become different

Week 2 in Summary – – >

Nehemiah was a leader. He led from the heart, having a love for God and for the things of God. He was able to humbly submit himself to the will of the LORD and for the glory of the LORD. Through his ability to submit, he showed a great many people how to live and serve before the God of heaven.

Transform: Make a thorough or dramatic change in the form, appearance, or character of

Week 2 Quotes from Mike – Leadership Reimagined – – >

– “Nehemiah teaches all of us what it looks like to be a spiritual leader…we see…a rare level of  spiritual committment and consistency…a man who loved God deeply and allowed that love to infect every area of his life…a man who was brave enough to answer God’s call to do something impossible…” (p. 34 )

– “Trusting the heart of God when we pray leads us to bold prayer even when the odds are stacked against us.” (p. 37)

– “Nehemiah…didn’t speak for God until he heard from God…He wasn’t trusting his own leadership or the skills of the people. He was trusting God alone.” (p. 39 )

– “Nehemiah wasn’t just focused on reconstructing the city. He also wanted Israel to have a restored relationship with God.” (p. 41 )

– “…spiritual leaders invite others into their lives. They lead in an up-close and personal way. They lead by example.” (p. 44)

– “Leadership isn’t just about achieving a certain position…it’s about the day-to-day life choices we make and taking hold of the opportunities God gives us…That’s leadership reimagined.” (p. 49)

Alter: Change or cause to change in character or composition

Week 2 Questions to Consider – – >

1) What are the characteristics of a godly leader?

2) Are the leaders that you follow godly in their intentions?

3) “How do you define spiritual leadership?” (p. 34)

4) Is it difficult for you to trust God? Why?

5) How often and/or how long do you quiet yourself in an effort to hear from God?

6) Is a leader made stronger when he knows how to humble himself and follow?

7) How does one lead with integrity?

8) “How would you feel if someone tried to imitate your life? Why?” (p. 43)

The Phone Tree Spiritual Life Fitness Challenge:

(Objective: Understand what is required to rebuild your walls and to be spiritually restored.)

Meditate on Nehemiah 1:3 (part B) and 2:17-18, 20 (part A) for a time. After you have completed this task, visualize yourself as being Jerusalem. Consider how your walls are broken down and your gates are burned with fire. Write down those things that have contributed to your demolished state. Finally, acknowledge before God what you believe He can do, as your great and mighty spiritual Leader, to address your damaged condition.


Radical transformation takes work…and grace.


2 thoughts on “The REPURPOSED Convert, Week 2

  1. Dear Kim, Thank you for the Blessed Teachings and it is strengthening me much to study and to share with other people in India, you are doing great for Lord. Evangelist Babu

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