The Chosen

A Route 66 Message from the Phone Tree Bible Study Group


(Photo courtesy of Renee Swope)

What does it mean to be chosen by God?

Many thoughts come to mind when considering the word chosen and looking into what it means to be chosen by God. The thought that stays in the forefront of my mind is this…chosen means to be divinely selected for God’s gracious favor for the purpose of His glorification. That in itself is enough to cause one to pause. But to be chosen by God means to be divinely or rather supernaturally picked by God, for God. And it is in that occupation, in that ministry of purpose – by God, for God – that the LORD exalts Himself.

So enamoured have I been with the concept of chosenness and with the lives of those who have walked before me that I elected to begin a list of The Chosen based on the Bible. While the list below is abbreviated in form, I would like to encourage you to consider completing your own. Refer to the Spiritual Life Fitness Challenge to see how you can go about compiling your list. Feel free to comment on this post regarding your thoughts and discoveries.

The Chosen:

Noah: Recognized by God as being a righteous man; found grace in the eyes of the LORD; chosen to build and captain the ark, a vessel of safety, provision, and protection

Abraham: Recognized by God as a friend; called righteous by God; chosen to leave, go, and be the “seed” vessel for a people who would rival the stars

Jacob: Recognized by God as Israel; favored to father a great nation from 12; chosen to show others how God can transform a life and use it for His greater intent

David: Recognized as a man after God’s own heart; selected by God to boldly represent Him before His people and His enemies; chosen to be a king for the King

Mary: Recognized as highly favored by God; called to give birth to the Savior; chosen to witness the birth, life, death, and resurrection of the Most Holy

Jesus: Recognized by God as the Beloved Son; favored with the Holy Spirit; chosen to be the Life, the Truth, and the Way

Questions to Consider:

1) Why do you believe you have been chosen?

2) What do you think you can learn about chosenness from the lives of those who have walked before you?

Spiritual Life Fitness Challenge:

Compile your own list of “chosens.” Write down how they were recognized by God, how their lives could be summarized, and what they were specifically chosen for.

His Word. Life Relevance. Holy Direction.


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