The REPURPOSED Convert, Week 3

A Phone Tree Bible Study Series based on Repurposed: The Memoirs of Nehemiah by Mike Hurt


“Repurposing happens as you find an alternative use for something that already exists…we see repurposing any time something we thought was only worth throwing away is suddenly reused…it happens when we see our current lives in a new light…Repurposing is about hope. This happens when we come to know Christ. He makes all things new. He repurposes us.”

Mike Hurt

Assigned Scripture Reading: Nehemiah 3, 8, and 9

Change: Make or become different

Week 3 in Summary – – >

The book of Nehemiah does much in the way of showing us what a community joined in service and mission can accomplish under God’s mighty hand. It affirms for us that those things which may have once seemed impossible can, in fact, be made possible if the people of God simply believed. This inspired story shows us how God used Nehemiah, a simple, surrendered cupbearer, along with his people, to achieve something far greater than rebuilding a wall. God used the entire experience as a means to build up a community of worshippers.

Transform: Make a thorough or dramatic change in the form, appearance, or character of

Week 3 Quotes from Mike – Community Rediscovered – – >

– “…people from all over Jerusalem came together to do what none of them could do alone. Together they found the strength of biblical community…repurposed relationships changed the world, and the pride of Jerusalem was restored as the wall grew from rubble.” (p. 57 )

– “…the church is first and foremost a relational environment. We are more than just a group of individuals or people with common interests and values. We are a family. Our relationships are central to that God wants to achieve…” (p. 59)

– “It’s in community that we learn the lesson of God’s common work among His church…that we learn that God intimately cares for each of us equally…that we learn we’re part of something far bigger than ourselves…” (p. 62 )

– “…make spiritual growth and an understanding of God our primary motives for connecting in community.” (p. 65 )

– “In community, we…find a safe place to be real.” (p. 66)

– “The first thing we contribute to community is a committment to serving one another. Service should be a natural part and outpouring of our life together in community.” (p. 68)

Alter: Change or cause to change in character or composition

Week 3 Questions to Consider – – >

1) “If we desire…community, why do you think so many of us still live disconnected lives?”  (p. 58)

2) What is the spiritual benefit to being involved in a community of fellowship?

3) Do you find it difficult to “trust yourself enough to trust” and allow others to get close to you?

4) When you consider community, do you view it more from a what I can give perspective or a what I can get perspective?

5) Look at the community of friends and/or saints that surround you. Do you think God placed them in your life for a reason?

6) “Do you feel you value spiritual privacy more than spiritual community? Why or why not?” (p. 58)

The Phone Tree Spiritual Life Fitness Challenge:

(Objective: Understand what is required to rebuild your walls and to be spiritually restored.)

Plan a friendship brunch. Invite at least 3 people. Journal through every part of the experience, from planning and preparation to making contact and executing.


Radical transformation takes work…and grace.


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