The REPURPOSED Convert, Week 4

A Phone Tree Bible Study Series based on Repurposed: The Memoirs of Nehemiah by Mike Hurt


“Repurposing happens as you find an alternative use for something that already exists…we see repurposing any time something we thought was only worth throwing away is suddenly reused…it happens when we see our current lives in a new light…Repurposing is about hope. This happens when we come to know Christ. He makes all things new. He repurposes us.”

Mike Hurt

Assigned Scripture Reading: Nehemiah 5

Change: Make or become different

Week 4 in Summary – – >

Nehemiah was a man who was dedicated to the LORD. He cared about God in such a way that it influenced how he cared about God’s people. His compassion went beyond the restoration process associated with rebuilding the wall, it extended to caring for and about the needs of others. Through his words and actions, he taught his people how to authentically demonstrate compassion and love for his fellow man.

Transform: Make a thorough or dramatic change in the form, appearance, or character of

Week 4 Quotes from Mike – Compassion Renewed– – >

– “Compromise and a lack of concern for the needs of others were two things that Nehemiah couldn’t stand by and simply watch. His biblical compassion drove him to action.” (p. 78 )

– “The church should be in the lead when it comes to producing compassionate followers who are committed to meeting the needs of the world around us.” (p. 81)

– “Understanding the condition of our Heavenly Father’s heart should lead us to analyze the condition of our own hearts.” (p. 82 )

– “You can’t disconnect your relationship with those in need from your relationship with God.” (pp. 83-84 )

– “…God has called and equipped all of us to respond to the people around us with biblical compassion.” (p. 87)

– “…biblical compassion…it’s action rooted in the heart of God…action motivated  by the belief that God has put us on this earth to make a difference, to be a blessing to other people, and to live out the prayer of Jesus that the will of God would come to pass on earth as it does in heaven.” (p. 87)

Alter: Change or cause to change in character or composition

Week 4 Questions to Consider – – >

1) Why do you think people take advantage of one another?

2) “What does the way you treat the people around you reveal about your relationship with God?” (p. 78)

3) What is the meaning of Philippians 2:3?

4) “Why do you think it’s essential for compassion to be based on the character of God?” (p. 81)

5) Are you more concerned about the needs of others or the needs of self?

The Phone Tree Spiritual Life Fitness Challenge:

(Objective: Understand what is required to rebuild your walls and to be spiritually restored.)

Read Matthew 9:35-38. Research the background on the verses. Observe what Jesus both said and did. Record your heart response.


Radical transformation takes work…and grace.


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