When the Life Meets You at Your Death

Laying your life down before the Most High God is no small feat. It is a painful and beautiful experience. To come to the place of your ending in the hopes that you can realize a new beginning is challenging and yet it is inspired. It is cataclysmic in a way that so few things are. It is peculiar and devastating and wonderful and quite frankly hard. It is hard not because you are not willing to end the very life that would take you further away from the cross, but rather because you are.

White Flower near Christian Cross

Ending your life or rather dying to yourself requires faith. It requires the faith that you say you have. The faith that you are encouraged to grow. It requires that…daily. This death of self would be impossible to achieve were it not for Jesus Christ.

When He, Jesus Christ – the Life, meets you at your death, it is your new beginning. It is a part of your faith-building genesis. It is the Life giving you the life. The new life. The changed life. The wonderfully-difficult-but-oh-so-desired ever-transforming life.

1:1: At this point, you are probably wondering how you can do this thing – this dying daily. Or perhaps you are pondering how you can end and begin all over again after so many mistakes. My answer to you is to fall before the presence of the LORD. Experience Jesus. Allow the Life to meet you at your death and be reborn again.

If you would like to have a personal Bible study about this subject matter or if you have any questions about what you have read, please feel free to contact me at edifier1@hotmail.com.


One thought on “When the Life Meets You at Your Death

  1. This is lovely. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how much faith living a godly life requires. It involves seeing the world through the lense of eternity, and that takes a lot of faith!

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