The REPURPOSED Convert, Week 5 (The Final Lesson)

A Phone Tree Bible Study Series based on Repurposed: The Memoirs of Nehemiah by Mike Hurt


“Repurposing happens…”

Mike Hurt

Assigned Scripture Reading: Nehemiah 5:19; 13:14, 22b, 30b

Change: Make or become different

Week 5 in Summary – – >

What made Nehemiah a great man had nothing to do with him and everything to do with God. Nehemiah knew that the vision he had been given, the work that he and his people were called to complete, and the mantle of leadership that he was ultimately selected to wear had all been orchestrated by God. Nehemiah held God in high esteem and as a result, his life reflected this.

Transform: Make a thorough or dramatic change in the form, appearance, or character of

Week 5 Quotes from Mike – Work Repurposed– – >

– “Nehemiah was a man who lived a fully integrated life, meaning his faith influenced every part of who he was.” (p. 95 )

– “No matter your profession,  if you are a Christ-follower you are working for the Lord. Learning this truth will revolutionize your life.” (p. 97)

– “If we are working with godly purpose and godly practices, even the most secular job becomes sacred.” (p. 100 )

– “…in every task there are God-given ministry opportunities along the way.” (p. 100 )

– “Our purpose doesn’t come from our job…our jobs need to be more than a source of income. They need to add to our calling…” (p. 103)

– “Without merging your work and your worship, you’ll never find your true 24/7 calling.” (p. 105)

Alter: Change or cause to change in character or composition

Week 5 Questions to Consider – – >

1) Do you think that your work and your faith go hand-in-hand? Why or why not?

2) “What would a ‘fully integrated life’ look like if we were living it?” (p. 95)

3) Should there be a clearly notable difference between the woman who works for God’s success and the woman who works for her “personal best” success?

4) Is the work that you are currently doing dedicated to God?

5) “What tasks are you convinced that God has called you to?” (p. 100)

The Phone Tree Spiritual Life Fitness Challenge:

(Objective: Understand what is required to rebuild your walls and to be spiritually restored.)

Retrace the steps that you have already walked. First, review Nehemiah 1:4-11. Second, revisit your initial notes from Week 1, regarding the things that Nehemiah did and said before the God of heaven. Next, reread your Week 1 personal prayer to God. Please make sure to reflect on your thoughts then in comparison to your thoughts now. Finally, pray to God about all you have learned.


Radical transformation takes work…and grace.


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