The God of the Patriarchs, Week 1

A Phone Tree Bible Study Series based on The Patriarchs by Beth Moore 099066_w185

Objective of Study: Learn what it means to encounter the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob

Week 1 Message: The LORD said, “Go…”

Most Notable Quote: “God is never aimless. When He tells us to leave our lives of sin, He wants us to proceed to lives of victory. When He tells us to leave one place…He has another place for us to go. God may not reveal the destination for a while, but we can rest assured we’re never called out without being called to.” (p.15)

Assigned Scripture Reading: Genesis 11;27-28 (31), Joshua 24:2; Isaiah 51:2; Genesis 12:1-9; Acts 7:2-8; Hebrews 11:8-9; Genesis 12:10-14:24

Study Assignments:

– Take note of God’s first encounter with Abram/Abraham.

– Write down any discoveries that you make about Abram/Abraham and his upbringing.

– Keep a record of the internal and/or external challenges that Abraham and his family encountered on their journey with God.

– Define covenant and identify its significance in the relationship between God and Abram/Abraham.

– Complete an investigation on the name El Elyon.

Deeper Thinking:

1) What can be said about the promises of God?

2) Does God extend grace to us when we lose our way and seem to make poor choices? Explain.

3) Does being called out by God lead to greater intimacy with Him?

4) What does God’s sovereignty mean to you personally?


2 thoughts on “The God of the Patriarchs, Week 1

  1. Our Women’s Bible Study has done this study and it was fantastic. I may just join you in this study with you! I’ve never done one of your Bible Study Groups, do you just do the assignments and then come back the next week for more assignments? Is there any participation within the group?

    • Participants are encouraged to be as creative as they need to be in terms of their approach to the featured Bible studies. Each lesson is posted weekly here on the blog. People have the option to comment on the post, email the box (for a more dyadic-based study model), or simply and very quietly complete the listed assignments in their home spiritual fitness journals. Having choices takes off the pressure and allows free flowing involvement as needed. That the LORD is pursued and His people are edified…that is tops! :-)/Would love to have you share your wisdom and any other discoveries that you’re led to uncover. (No pressure.)/God bless!

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