Can the “Right Thing” Be Wrong?


Do people ever stop and ask themselves whether or not the “right thing” is actually right? Do they ever wonder if that good thing, that great gift, that special (dare I say it) blessing is from God or from the evil one? Or are most of us willing to accept the “good thing” as right without question? Do we hope that it’s a God thing and do everything in our power to make it so or to convince ourselves that it is?

If right things are from God, they will be tremedously obvious. They will wear His stamp of approval. His name will be all over it. Nothing and no one would be able to hinder the outflow. When the right thing is in fact the RIGHT thing, there is a peculiar aspect of the impossible possible that surrounds it. This is where grace and power from on high makes itself most evident.

In contrast, the evil one has a way of creating an illusion of rightness. He lures the unsuspecting into his version of rightness. His goal is to satisfy and appease God’s people just enough so that they forget to remain alert. His intentions are not good. His plan is such that he seeks to constantly draw away both the weak and the stable alike so that they can focus on the wrong which is covered under the cloak of right.

Scripture Study: 1 Peter 5:8 (9-11) /(Cross reference 2 Corinthians 11:14.)

Question for YOU: Can the “right thing” be wrong?


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