The God of the Patriarchs, Week 5

A Phone Tree Bible Study Series based on The Patriarchs by Beth Moore 099066_w185

Objective of Study: Learn what it means to encounter the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob

Week 5 Message: Inquiring of the LORD

Most Notable Quote: “The journey of faith most often involves God’s revealed desire to birth something from us in the area of fruitfulness and purpose.” (p. 106)

Assigned Scripture Reading: John 13:34; Genesis 25:19-27:46; Hebrews 12:16; Colossians 1:12; Hebrews 11:20

Study Assignments:

– Investigate, explore and discover the life of Rebekah as it relates to pregnancy, birth and parenting.

– Do a general theme search on “if-then” statements in the Bible.

– Describe Esau and Jacob in 7 words or less.

– Define birthright in the Hebrew.

– Complete background research on the sovereignty of God.

– Identify and record all of the ungodly actions and/or remarks of each person we saw in the Scriptures this week.

– Make it a point this week to inquire of the LORD regarding the identification and extermination of personal idols and other unholy strongholds.

Deeper Thinking:

1) If the LORD has revealed a specific promise that will undoubtedly be realized for your life, is there anything that you can do to “activate” or contribute to the process?

2) If you had to compare and contrast your life to the life of Jesus Christ (the man versus the Divine), what could you definitively say that you notice?

3) Is it possible to inappropriately position yourself as a parent or caregiver in the lives of your loved ones?

4) When we immediately seek to gratify ourselves in the most carnal sense, what does that say about us and our temperance?

5) What is the significance and meaning of a holy inheritance? (Refer to 1 Peter 1:4.)


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