Rekindling Your Faith in 3 Steps

reflected orchid and candle

Can faith grow cold?

Can belief and confidence in the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things unseen get stale?

Is it possible to waver when it comes to spiritual apprehension?

The answer to each of the questions listed above is yes. Y-E-S! Yes, faith can indeed grow cold. Yes, belief and confidence can get stale. And yes, it is possible to waver when it comes to spiritual apprehension or understanding. How does it happen? I briefly touched on that last week in How to Disable Your Faith in 10 Steps. This week, however, I wanted to approach faith from another angle.

When your faith grows cold, formal, stiff, rehearsed, or lukewarm, there is still hope. When it gets stale or when it no longer has the freshness or newness that it once had, there is still hope. When it is lacking and shaky, there is still hope. Your faith can be rekindled.

Rekindling Your Faith in 3 Steps:

1) Fear God and keep His commandments. (Read Ecclesiastes 12:13.)

2) Experience and live out the triumphs of faith through sacrifice, submission, and servitude. (Read Hebrews 11.)

3) Love and allow it and Him to rule your life. (Read 1 Corinthians 13:4-8a.)


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