The God of the Patriarchs, Week 6

A Phone Tree Bible Study Series based on The Patriarchs by Beth Moore 099066_w185

Objective of Study: Learn what it means to encounter the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob

Week 6 Message: “Surely the LORD is in this place…”

Most Notable Quote: “As often as I’ve experienced God in corporate settings, nothing compares to times His presence seems to fall with holy fire. When His presence seems palpable. When we can practically feel Him on our skin. Times when the Word flows powerfully, effortlessly, and people are so anxious to receive it they nearly jump out of their chairs. Those are the times I…fall on my face speechless. Times when I know I just happened to be somewhere God visited and no one could have stopped Him…Those are moments when all doubts of God as man’s greatest present reality evaporate, and all who will are exquisitely scarred for life by holy fire.” (p. 143)

Assigned Scripture Reading: Genesis 28:10-31:55

Study Assignments:

– Define the word pilgrimage.

– Complete background research on the following: kinsman redeemer.

– In your personal study notebook, write down the similarities and/or differences between Leah and Rachel.

– Read Genesis 31:14-16. Take notice of Leah and Rachel’s position.

– Summarize the Jacob-Laban relationship challenges in your own words.

– This week, make it a point to discuss holy fear with your accountability partner.

Deeper Thinking:

1)  In regard to “The God of the Patriarchs” pilgrimage you have been on, what can you say you have become desperate to know or to learn about God?

2) When you read the words, “I am with you and will keep you wherever you go,” what do you think about?

3) In all honesty, who and/or what have you loved more than God? Why has this been so?

4) Have you been able to personally see and experience God as Jehovah Jireh (over your life)?

5) When you have had to go through a very painful or highly emotional season, how was your relationship with the LORD impacted?


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