The Discouraging Tones of a Spiritually Complacent Lifestyle

What a danger it would be for us to live life unconcerned about anything. To live life satisfied and comfortable with nothing but the common, giving no thought to the uncommon, to the remarkable, or to the supernatural. Having little to no regard for the dangerous threats that surround us. Having absolutely no awareness of the poisonous, dispiriting actions or intent of the evil one.

Often, this is exactly what happens to many of us spiritually. We become smug, overconfident, and contented to a fault. We become self-satisfied and conceitedly sure of ourselves and in our religious stance, not realizing that we position ourselves to be disheartened in the cruelest of ways. This puts us right into the hands of the great deceiver whose sole aim is to deprive us of hope, to hamper our belief and trust in the LORD, and to deter us from living a kingdom lifestyle.

Allowing ourselves to get to a state of complacency, as Christians, can be fatal. Not only can it suffocate our delicate faith, but it can also destroy our holy intimacy with the Spirit.

Question-to-Go: How do you define spiritual complacency?


Coming next week…10 Questions on How to Recognize the Discouraging Tones of Spiritual Complacency in Your Own Life 


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